Retail & Commercial Planning Services

Pre-application Planning Advise

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Strategic Planning Submission

We monitor Development Plans for our clients and make representations to protect their interests. We have had significant success in achieving desired re-zonings or development objectives. With the introduction of Core Strategies, strategic planning submissions are a key aspect of our services.

Specialist Planning Advise

Planning Endorsement/Compliance/Bond Recovery

If a client receives a Warning Letter or Enforcement Notice from the Local Authority, we will respond in a professional manner and liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure the matter is resolved. We are also experienced in addressing compliance issues relating to planning conditions in order to successfully achieve bond recovery.

Planning Objections and planning submissions

If you have concerns about a development proposed in your area, we can make a submission to the Local Authority or An Bord Pleanála expressing the issues in a detailed and specific manner on your behalf.

Planning Appraisals

We can offer independent guidance and advice on the planning considerations relating to a site or existing development. This can involve considering alternative land uses, reviewing the conditions of a permission, or extending the life of an extant planning approval. Often new applications prove necessary to address a changed market.

How we can help you at Corr’s & Associates