200 Bedroom Airport Hotel Development, Newpark, The Ward, Co. Dublin


The provision of a 200 Bedroom Airport Hotel Development on lands at Newpark, The Ward, Co Dublin


Corr & Associates Spatial Planning were retained in conjunction with MoD Architects and CS Consulting to facilitate in the delivery of a 200 bedroom extension to the existing White House Hotel on lands at the Ward, Coolquay, Co. Dublin.  

Our practice was retained to provide strategic planning advice to the Client and Design Team and to undertake a formal pre-planning consultation in respect of the proposal which consisted of a review of relevant planning policy, overall design as well as a variety of environmental considerations. 

We prepared and co–ordinated detailed reports including the Supporting Planning Statement and a Public Safety Zone Report with respect to Dublin Airport. These documents provided the rationale and justification for the proposed development by addressing compliance with the detailed provisions of the Fingal County Development Plan 2017 – 2023 and the requirements of the technical guidance Public Safety Zone Report carried out by Environmental Resources Management Ireland (ERM).   

A Grant of Permission was secured for the applicant in respect of the proposed development.