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The Value of Greenways

Introduction Greenways can be described as green corridors or green links used as environmental buffer zones in urban areas. They can be utilised in a practical way to enhance usage by pedestrians and cyclists or other recreational users of an area. Sustainability has emerged as a major theme in planning. Urban environmental planners frequently recommend […]

How Proper Planning Improves Water Quality

Introduction Ireland has witnessed unusual climatic conditions in recent years that have had a major impact on environmental infrastructure in terms of water quality, and waste water management. Without doubt, the most important environmental and economic indicator is the availability of fresh water supply and the capacity to deal with our surface waste water. Both […]

Sustainability Indicators as a Planning Paradigm

Like the dials of an aircraft’s instrument panel, indicators can be useful tools. By designing them carefully, watching them closely, and interpreting them wisely, we know the status of our flight and can make good decisions about where to go. Without indicators, we’re just “flying by the seat of our pants” (Sustainable Seattle, 1998).   […]

Irish Planning – The Ancient Influence

The Ireland of the 21st Century is a fascinating place at the best of times. We have capitalised on the Knowledge Based Economy and witnessed unprecedented Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from multinational giants such as Fujitsu, Dell, Microsoft, Intel and other multinational companies. We then entered the greatest economic boom in the history of the […]