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Corr & Associates Professional Services

Retail & Commercial Development

We provide planning consultancy services for small or large scale projects and developments. Corr & Associates has been at the forefront of planning and development in the Dublin and Greater Dublin Area. We pride ourselves in the advice we offer to our clients that will bring a certain assurance to each project.

Residential Development

Corr & Associates has vast experience in delivering residential projects, both large and small. Whether it is a house or housing estate, Corr & Associates can bring that experience to the project and bring peace of mind to our clients.

Environmental Assessments

Corr & Associates can co-ordinate the Environmental Impact process for clients and prepare the final reports for submission with the planning application. In addition, as Climate Change becomes a vital part of modern town planning, there are a variety of requirements for Appropriate Assessment, Flood Risk Assessment and many other reports that are essential to sustainable development of the area. We encourage clients to enter discussions with us ahead of their development project to ensure all requirements are being addressed adequately.

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